GAPS – Cerebral Palsy

Founded in 2016, GAPS is a registered non-profit organisation that believes in creating possibilities for the Cerebral Palsy community to have better quality of living. GAPS is building a holistic and inclusive ecosystem of support and advocacy that nurtures knowledge, active and healthier lifestyles and the spirit of giving.

GAPS activities are planned around 3 focal points:

  1. Empowerment & knowledge building
  2. Socio-emotional supports and advocacy
  3. Creating awareness about CP


Among GAPS activities are

  • GREAT Programme
  • Caregivers and public trainings, workshops and webinars
  • CP Frame Football
  • CP support group
  • Waqf (equipment donation) project
  • CP awareness campaigns
  • World Cerebral Palsy Day
  • partiCPate Projects
  • Adaptive Dikir Barat
  • partiCPate in Practive
  • Conductive Education

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