GAPS – Cerebral Palsy


  • GREAT stand for GAPS- Resource, Education, Awareness & Therapy.
  • It is a daily academic-therapy programme for students with CP aged between 6 – 25 years old who are not accepted in schools.
  • IEP (Individualised Education Plan) ensures the right adaptation, accommodation and modification on each student’s educational, rehabilitation, social and vocational skills.
  • Long term aim is to increase career opportunities and employability for people with CP.


  • partiCPate in PRACTIVE workshop series
    • ‘Home-based therapy’ for children with CP.
    • Practical, structured & low cost.
    • Training of trainers to caregivers.
    • Empowerment especially for those in rural areas with limited access to rehab services.
    • Awareness on the importance of continuous intervention.
  • Sembang Santai Webinars
    • Various topics related to CP.
    • Guest speakers are subject matter experts.
    • Sharing sessions by parents & adults CP.
  • Others
    • Conductive Education Camp.
    • Disability Equality Training.
    • Augmentative & Alternative Communication.
    • Speech classes.